Mining Surveying

Our company provides a wide variety of surveying services to the Mining industry; we are specialists in Greenfield's Exploration and Civil Earthmoving and Mining Control.

Listed below are our services we are able to offer to clients.




Wilson Survey Group (Qld) Pty Ltd specialize in the use of Real Time GPS equipment in Exploration and Mining applications. We currently run Leica Real Time GPS units and robotic total stations.

With the interchangeability of all survey equipment, we are able to replace equipment in the unlikely situation when equipment malfunctions, without lengthy delays to our clients. The base station radios are 20-watt VHF radios with an effective 15km range. The real time Leica has an accuracy specification of +/- 0.03m.

Our company is currently working with Leica Geosystems in machine automation systems. These systems can be mounted on a variety of machines providing centimeter accuracies for position and elevation. Designs are loaded onto onboard computers providing cut/fill elevations and push lines and offsets.

Quality Assurance

Wilson Survey Group (Qld) Pty Ltd implements management and operational procedures in compliance with AS/NZS 9001:1994, optimizing and controlling quality on each and every project, providing clients with a service that is of a consistent high standard, while remaining competitively priced.